About Sukapha Divas or Axom Divas ---- Nang Khushi Kolyani Gogoi. (Pancheng)

The perestigious golden era of Assam, the golden heritage of that period. The base for 600 years of the ahom rule was setup by Sukapha. Moung dung Shun kham was the name of the land . He established the ahom capital at charaideo in 1228. The first ahom king being Chao Lung Sukapha. He conferred the name Moung Dung Shun Kham to Axom. Moung dung sun kham meaning The land of garden gold. Today the land is known as assam. Sukapha divas is thus axom divas celebrated on Dec2 every year in memory of father of Bor Axom.
Chao lung Sukupha pe ong le.
Khop chao kha.