He, whose motto of life is the vindication of Taiism in the Tai Ahoms, is the heart throb of teenagers today, and who is very handsome, golden in colour with red cheeks and is strongly young even at the age of 73 years of age. Some Ahom persons are doing so-called ‘social service’ for the Tai Ahoms, but the naked Reality shows that they have been pushed so by the motivation of being political leader, if not leader, then big volunteers to make money and doing hooliganism. They think, they are the all in all of the Tai Ahoms, but without any solid base. They neither read Ahom history nor study Ahom culture and religion.
But the afore said handsome person, viz., Chow Nagen Hazarika, who is the universal Nisadew for the young generation, is someone having separate aim in doing social works to the Ahoms. He has full knowledge of computer works and sends e-mails to the young ones having e-mail ID. His e-mails go to all the Tai Ahom teenagers preferably males living in different places of the world. They in turn follow the PRINCIPLES enunciated by Nisadew, who is popularly called ‘Chow’, ‘Neu-kun’, ‘Chow-phu-ra’. Sir Neu-kun says that if the Ahoms are to survive as a race, they must revive their Tai Ahom language, the ahom religion of Ancestor worship and the traits of the Ahom culture spreading all over the so-called ‘Assamese culture’. The hearts of the teenagers are uploaded with these feelings and spirit, and after being rejoiced, communicate Nisadew and express their willingness to help him in the Revival. The “GENEXT TAI AHOM”, containing four parts, i.e. (1) GENEXT TAI AHOM -1, (2) GENEXT TAI AHOM -2, (3) GENPREZT -1, (4) GENPrezt-2 is an E-book, written by him has since been e-mailed to all Tai Ahoms whose e-mail Ids are available with him. Some male teenagers fall in love with this red-white, innocent- faced person by seeing his photographs on NET and other sources. Some others who have come in personal contact with him turn to be his supporter and become his disciple.
I am not a Tai Ahom but my Tai Ahom friends reading in English medium, either in school or in college love Nisadew so much. They have developed the strongest propensity to come back to their racial religion of ANCESTOR WORSHIP, but their parents do not allow them to do so. This is the ANGUISH appearing among the NEXT GENERATION of the Tai Ahoms.
To my utter good fortune, I had the opportunity to meet Chow on 22.03.2015 when I was travelling from Simaluguri to Furkating by Avodh-Assam-Lalgarh Express train. He was coming from Sadiya. When I happened to see him in the compartment for the very first time in life, I was very nervous. This may be due to the fact that I had since been loving him for a long time even without seeing him. My love for him pushed me to the vacant seat just beside Chow. I showed respect to him as if I know him from a long since. He welcomed me. Then we started our introductions. I told him that I knew him very well through my friends, Face Book, his photographs and writings supplied by my Tai Ahom friends. He was in tight blue jeans looking so charming. We had discussions on many things. He was so friendly that mind accepted him as a friend, and not as the beloved Nisadew. He is a very
knowledgeable and learned person. He knows about the Quoran Sharif, the Bible and the sacred books of other religions. Our discussions came to an end when he got down from the train at Mariyani. I was despaired being away from my beloved person. I could not say anything about my heart to him. I just wept at the sudden disappearance of the charming personality I love most.
In spite of so many discussions we held, I could not proceed to request him to speak anything about the Tai Ahom racial religion. I do not have much idea about any religion. What I know of sure is that our family once belonged to the Tai Ahom race. My grandpa told us about this. Certain Tai Ahom religious functions in short are performed secretly at our house. My personal feeling and consideration are that I also want to revive myself in the brave and bold Tai Ahom race.
Now I openly like to question respected Chow Nagen Hazarika Nisadew whether he will offer me his valuable love and take me back to the Tai Ahom religion and convert me to a good and pious Tai Ahom.
Chow Nagen Hazarika Nisadew, you are the ever best personality of the Tai Ahom race so far as my friends told me, so far as I have read your writings and so far as I had some discussions with you. Please forget me not. I love you so much, but why? This I know not. My whole entity is dedicated to you, my ever beloved person. You are so handsome and virile even if you have crossed 70 years.
Ehsaan teraa hogaa mujh par
Dil chahta hai jo kahne do mujhe
Tum se mohabbat ho gayee hai mujhe
Palkon ki chhaaye main rahne do...
Rong boi boi, Khuda Hafiz.