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The Tai community is a very large community. There are many sub groups of this community. Which are scattered in southeast Asia. That is China,Northeast
of India, Burma,Thailand,Vietn­am,Laos etc. These sub groups are known by various names. In Thailand they are known as NOI..In China the DAI..In India TAI and Burma SHAN.
Though these sub groups originated from the same branch TAI but there many difference in their custom and rituals except some similarities. In China the DAIs refer to there elder brother KOAI, which is almost known as our KOKOI(gogoi). Before the Tai Ahoms were coming to Assam,India the Tai Ahoms were known as MAAN. But they are originally known as Tai Loung(Big Tai).
This was because when Tai Ahoms came to Assam,India. People of different TAI branch were mixed. It also said that GOHAIN(THOWMUNG) is refer to Tai Kamyang.
According to many scholars CHAOPHA CHAOLUNG SYU KAFA too was a TAI MAO but his mother was a TAI MAO not his father.
In Thailand many royal princess stayed unmarried for their hole life as they cannot marry anyone of their own clan. Now moving towards the language it is seen that there is similarity among the language of the sub groups. The practice of ancestral worship is followed by many TAI groups. Again the practice of
SHAK LONG marriage (a public marriage of TAI traditional mythology) is practised by the
TAI DAM( BLACK TAI) as well as the TAI AHOMS. The tai community did not follow any specific religion, they have there own culture.language and tradition. But later on due to the influence of Hindu(Ahoms), budhist and Taosim , many people of the community took up these religions.